1003 - Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program

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The purpose of this program is to support and coordinate national R&D projects conducted in the priority areas determined within the framework of the National Science Technology and Innovation Strategy, with results-oriented, traceable targets, considering the dynamics of the relevant science / technology fields.

The project duration is maximum;

  • 24 months for Small-Scale projects.
  • 36 months for Medium and Large-Scale projects

For 2020, the upper and lower limits of support budget (including Scholarship, excluding Project Incentive Bonus (PTI), overhead and foreign researcher expenses) for projects with 3 different scales are determined as below;

Small-Scale projects: up to 750.000 TL

Medium-Scale projects: 750.001 – 1.500.000 TL

Large-scale projects: 1.500.001 – 3.750.000 TL

Upper limits for scholarships are as below:

Scholarship Upper Limits


If the person is not employed

If the person is employed

Undergraduate student



Master of Science Student


(500 TL is added for BIDEB fellow)


PhD student


(1.000 TL is added for BIDEB fellow)




(1.500 TL is added for BIDEB fellow)


The total machinery-equipment, service procurement and scholarship amounts requested should not exceed the amounts given in the call announcements.

Balanced distribution between budget items should be considered.

In projects involving the private sector, 50% of the machinery-equipment requested by the relevant private institution is covered by TÜBİTAK.

Projects aimed at developing infrastructure are not supported.

For 2020, Upper limits for Project Incentive Bonus (PTI), which will be paid to Principal Investigator, researchers and consultants, is as below;

Project Coordinator: 2.500 TL/month

Principal Investigator (PI): 2.000 TL/month 

Researcher: 1.000 TL/month

Consultant: 1.500 TL/year  (The total amount of PTI that researchers will receive is calculated by considering the contribution ratio of them to the project, not to exceed the total PTI that PI will receive.)

In Medium and Large Scale projects supported within the scope of this support program, the amount of support given for travel for working visit and participation in scientific meetings might be maximum two and three times of the limit determined under this Program, respectively. 

It can be given up to 45.000 TL budget for dissemination activities (meeting, workshop etc.) in order to share the expected outcomes of the project with relevant stakeholders, under this program.