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Scope of Support

Support rate is determined separately according to each patent licensed or assigned in the scope of the Project. Base rate of the support is min. 25%. There is a 15% additional support rate which will be provided in case if the client is SME, another 15% additional support if patent is a high technology and another 10% support also in the case of registration of patent in EPO, USPTO, JPO, SIPO, KIPO. In case of there is a bundle of patents in the license agreement, there will be an additional support as 10 %.

Scope of Support

There is no subject or sector limitation in this call. R&D projects with high commercialization potential can be supported from all sectors and all technology fields. Market research and technical feasibility analysis should also be presented in the project proposals. An R&D project covering the works to be carried out by the Supplier Organization will be submitted to the call. The Supplier Organization will develop the product (or process) by conducting R&D studies.

Important Issues

To submit a project application; it is obligatory to have at least one project personnel with at least a bachelor’s degree related to the project subject in each capital company. For universities or training and research hospitals, it is obligatory to have at least one project personnel with a doctorate/specialty in medicine degree related to the project subject.


There are two stages in national applications. In the first stage, the pre-project application will be done via PRODİS after the organization-based pre-registration process is completed. At this stage, the national preliminary eligibility examination (technical and financial compliance) of the pre-project application will be carried out. Applications that are determined eligible in this examination will be evaluated internationally.

Scope of Support

The support rate applied within the scope of the call is 60% for large-scale companies, 75% for SMEs and 100% for public administrations within the scope of the general budget, administrations with special budgets and foundation universities, training and research hospitals, public research centers and institutes.


Please review the call announcement for the details of supported costs in this program.


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