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Progress and Final

Project coordinator is responsible for submitting progress reports to TÜBİTAK on the dates specified in the grant agreement as well as a final report at the end of the fellowship covering all scientific, technical, administrative and financial developments and outcomes of the project. The reports must be prepared in line with the detailed work plan proposed in the application.


  • The fellow must start fellowship within one year from the date of TÜBİTAK’s approval. Otherwise, the fellow relinquishes the fellowship and cannot claim any rights.
  • The fellow is required to submit a progress report at the 6th month of fellowship period. Continuation of the fellowship is fully dependent on the approval of the report.

Monitoring Forms

The following documents should be regularly submitted to BİDEB (MSc/PhD):

Document certifying that the applicant is registered as a MSc/PhD student in Turkey,


A report by the supervisor on the progress of research project,


  • All applicants will be required to sign a letter of commitment agreeing to comply with all conditions of the TÜBİTAK scholarship.
  • While proof of acceptance to a graduate program is not a prerequisite to apply for the scholarship, awards will only be granted on the condition of enrollment in a graduate program within one year of the notification of the award.
  • The responsibility of gaining acceptance to a graduate program in Turkey belongs to the candidate.  Candidates must meet all requirements for admission as set by respective universities.


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