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  • ER & Mentor shall ensure that the entire project team allocates the time set in the work schedule to the project and they shall keep track of the project team's contribution.
  • ER should obtain the consent of TÜBİTAK for any travel to abroad longer than 5 days throughout the project. The ER may use his/her annual leave, provided that it does not exceed 14 workdays. This period may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total duration of the project.


The supported candidate (project partners, if any) and their academic advisor must comply with the universal scientific research and scientific publication rules during the execution of the research. In case of violation of the above-mentioned rules, action is taken against those concerned in accordance with the provisions of the AYEK (Ethics committee) regulation.

Progress and Finalization

  • In line with the detailed work plan proposed during the application, the coordinator is responsible for submitting progress reports on the dates specified in the agreement as well as a final report covering project’s all scientific, technical, administrative, financial developments and outcomes by the end of fellowship period.

Documents to Initiate the Fellowship

  • The coordinator must submit the following documents to TÜBİTAK and initiate research within 12 months at the latest upon the notification of the fellowship decision.
  • A letter of commitment concretely specifying the benefits that will be provided to the coordinator during the research period, and, in case the host institution is a university, containing course(s) to be lectured by him/her,


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