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Terms of Application

  • Fellows can be citizen of any country.
  • Fellows should have a PhD degree (or equivalent) and have at least four years of research experience, which can be universities, research institutions, or private sector as of the date of application.
  • Fellows should be invited by a hosting institution in Turkey, which can be universities, public institution, and organization

Who can apply?

Only joint applications will be accepted to the call.

Projects should involve a capital company (large firm or SME) located in Turkey and at least one technology provider (higher education councils, research infrastructures, public enterprises, public research centers and institutes and early stage technology companies).

Who can apply?

Customer Organization refers to the capital companies established in Turkey, regardless of their sector and scale, that need a solution based on R&D and that have signed a cooperation agreement with the Supplier Organization in order to meet this need. Supplier Organization refers to the SME-scale capital company or companies located in Turkey that make a cooperation agreement with the Customer Organization and take part in R&D studies within the scope of the project.


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