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The projects are evaluated by experts through company visits and reported to TÜBİTAK. Based on the evaluation reports, the projects are evaluated by the relevant technology group executive committee and a final decision is made.


  • Supported projects are monitored every six months.
  • For each monitoring period, TÜBİTAK’s contribution to the project budget is transferred to the technology provider after the client organization deposits its share of the budget to the project account.




  • Supported projects are monitored annually. 
  • TTO submits its performance targets for the following year at the end of the third quarter of the year to TÜBİTAK. TTO’s performance targets are assigned by TÜBİTAK after the negotiation process. 
  • While transitioning from the Institutional Capacity Development Phase to the Target Oriented Growth Phase, TTOs are re-evaluated by the group executive board. 


The approved amount of expenses of Project Brokerage Events are paid by TUBITAK to the special bank account of the organization which is specified in the application form. A separate bank account must be opened for the event.


The TTOs, TDZs and RIs supported within the scope of the program submit their term reports (technical and financial periodical reports) to the TÜBİTAK. Technical reports are reviewed by the observer delegation and the financial reports are certified by Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant and reviewed by financial unit.


Pre-payment will be made to TTOs, TDZs and RIs up to 20% of their total commitment amount to the Fund in order to meet their cash requirement. As guarantee, a letter of guarantee issued by banks and financial institutions should be brought up to 25% more than the prepayment requested.

Progress and Final

  • In line with the detailed work plan proposed during the application, the coordinator is responsible for submitting progress reports on the dates specified in the agreement as well as a final report covering project’s all scientific, technical, administrative, financial developments and outcomes by the end of fellowship period.


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