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Liability of Reporting

Fellows are obligated to submit one progress and one final report within the specified dates based on the starting date and the duration of their fellowship. These reports must be signed by the fellow and the academic advisor(s) in Turkey. TUBITAK support should be indicated in publications made within the scope of the program (if any) and they must be sent to BİDEB together with progress and final reports.

The fellow and the academic advisor(s) in Turkey must comply with universal scientific research and scientific publishing rules during the conduct of the research. In the case of a necessity, it is obligatory to obtain the Ethics Committee Approval document and the legal permission from the relevant institutions for the research to be done. In case of a violation of the above-mentioned rules, legal actions shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of AYEK and ENDEK regulations.


Liability of Repayment

The fellow is obliged to report all kinds of fellowship or financial support received from another institution in Turkey during the fellowship period to BIDEB within 15 days from the starting date of the support. If the fellow has some financial support received from another institution in Turkey, the amount of the support within the scope of this program is separately determined by the GYK. If the fellow wishes to finish his/her research before the end of the fellowship period, the fellow and the academic advisor(s) in Turkey must inform TUBITAK at least 15 days prior to the departure. No payment is made after the termination of the research.

The fellow has to pursue his/her research studies full-time in the university or research institute in Turkey during the fellowship period. The fellow is obliged to inform TUBITAK about any short or long-term departures and the duration at least 10 days prior to the departure date. If the fellow leaves Turkey for more than 15 days during the fellowship period, he/she has to obtain TÜBİTAK’s approval before the departure. Otherwise, the payment is suspended during the period of absence. The fellow has the right to use annual leave not more than 15 days. Departures shorter than 15 days shall not interrupt the payment. Departures longer than 15 days are discussed in GYK and the fellowship might be temporarily suspended or cut if it is deemed necessary. If extra payment is made, the fellow is obliged to repay this amount to TUBITAK.

If requested, suspension of the fellowship or interruption of the research is possible with the GYK’s
approval. The fellowship might be canceled if the research is left or interrupted the research
without informing TUBITAK.

Those receiving fellowship under this program cannot receive additional fellowship or support from other programs of TÜBİTAK. In case of violation of this rule, fellowship is canceled.