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If there is an error on the arbis system during the application period, what can I do?

Please send e-mail with a screenshot of the problematic page to arbis@tubitak.gov.tr e-mail address.

Can I submit the required documents via post or e-mail?

All required documents must be uploaded electronically. The documents which are sent by post/e-mail will not be processed. After the online system closed, you cannot upload any documents. Please do not demand to send any document after the deadline of the application process.

Who is the top official of a university or research institute in Turkey to get an invitation letter?

The top official is the rector or vice-rector in universities; director or vice-director in research institutes.

When the results are announced?

Please see the call calendar.

When should I start my research and fellowship?

Applicants must start their research within 12 months from the date they were entitled to support. (The date of TÜBİTAK’s approval; the date written on your acceptance letter.)


Can the duration of the scholarship be extended? If so, what is the procedure?

If your research proposal is accepted to be funded for 36 months (which is the longest time period the fellow would be funded), your duration cannot be extended.

In the case of a wish of those supported less than 36 months to extend the fellowship duration up to 36 months, it needed to apply to BİDEB with the following documents;

  • Reasoned request for the extension of the fellowship signed by the fellow and the academic advisor(s) in Turkey and
  • Detailed research report signed by the fellow and the academic advisor(s) in Turkey.

In case the GYK approves the request, extension is finalized with the approval of the Presidency.

How can I get the payments of travel costs and private health insurance?

You must send the receipts of their travel and health insurance expenses for the reimbursement via e-mail to the program e-mail address.

When the monthly payments are made?

Monthly payments are made to the Turkish bank account of the fellow at the end of each month.