Required Documents

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  • Project Proposal Form
  • A motivation Letter, prepared by Project Leader and must include purpose for coming to Turkey, the research projects/plans and career plans after the International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Program
  • For those living abroad at the time of the application, documents proving residency abroad (such as tax certificates, tenancy agreements or monthly utility bills); for researchers with Turkish citizenship, entry/exit records for the last three years immediately prior to call deadline, obtained from e-devlet.
  • Certified copy of the most recent diploma or graduation certificate. (A certified English translation must be submitted if the diploma is not in Turkish or English).
  • For researchers without doctoral degrees, document(s) proving their full-time research experience abroad (for instance, a certificate of employment obtained from human resources showing the applicant’s position, working hours and duration of employment).
  • Declaration of commitment to comply with ethical rules and any required permissions (if required).
  • An invitation letter signed by the president or vice president of the university; by the director of the research infrastructure qualified under the Law no 6550; by the executive or his/her assignee of the private sector organization or other public institution.
  • Recent curriculum vitae