Progress and Final

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Project coordinator is responsible for submitting progress reports to TÜBİTAK on the dates specified in the grant agreement as well as a final report at the end of the fellowship covering all scientific, technical, administrative and financial developments and outcomes of the project. The reports must be prepared in line with the detailed work plan proposed in the application.

Progress reports must be submitted within one month after the dates specified in the grant agreement at the latest, while the final report must be submitted within two months after the finalization date of the research. Progress and final reports must have reasoned expenditure breakdowns for the relevant term in their attachment. In case the host institution is a private sector organization or a foundation university, a Certified Public Accountant report must be included as well.

Progress reports and final report will be assessed by expert consultants appointed by TÜBİTAK.

Where it is necessary, TÜBİTAK may invite the project coordinator for a briefing concerning the development of the project or may appoint a person and/or persons to conduct a scientific, technical, administrative and financial inspection and audit of the research.

Final reports will be approved or rejected by the Group Executive Committee, following an evaluation by TÜBİTAK-appointed experts. Upon approval of final report, the project is considered as completed. For the rejected project, the revocation or abolition are applied depending on the reason for rejection. Following the completion of the project, any remaining balance in the project’s bank account will be returned to the TÜBİTAK account.