Documents to Initiate the Fellowship

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Following the notification of the grant decision, the Project Coordinator must submit the following documents to TÜBİTAK and start his/her research within 6 months at the latest.

  • A letter of commitment concretely specifying the benefits that will be provided to the coordinator for the duration of the research and, in case the host institution is a university, the letter must include the list of the course(s) to be offered by the project coordinator,
  • The grant agreement to be signed among TÜBİTAK, the project coordinator, and the following officials of the host institution:
    • Highest level official of the institution (chancellor, director- general, president, etc.),
    • In case the host institution is a university, the top director (dean, institute director, etc.) and the department director (head of department, etc.) of the department,
    • Director, in case the host institution is a research infrastructure qualified under the Law no 6550, or
    • Person/persons with the highest authority to represent the organization, in case the host institution is from private sector,
  • Originals or certified copies of the application documents uploaded to the system during application,
  • Ethics Committee Approval, if required

The project coordinator may request a postponement of the project start date up to 6 months due to force majeure