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General Obligations

  1. Awardee is responsible to fulfill the academic ethical principles in every stage of the scholarship. Otherwise, the scholarship is cancelled.
  2. The scholarship is continued as long as the awardee is in good academic standing. The minimum cumulative GPA requirement is 3.20/4.00 or 81.33/100. The stipend for awardees with a GPA below 3.20/4.00 or 81.33/100 is stopped until they have a GPA over the minimum requirement score.
  3. Scholars are required to pursue master's / doctoral studies on a full-time basis during the period they are supported under the program. Scholars can not work as paid employees at other institutions except for temporary and short-term work in the universities and / or departments as part of their education, training and research activities.
  4. Awardee must be graduated within 3 years for master program and 6 years for PhD program. The awardees are required to inform TÜBİTAK about the date of graduation and to send an electronic copy of the Master/PhD thesis to TÜBİTAK.
  5. It is possible to leave the country without a scholarship for a period of one month each year. In cases where the scholarship has caused the student to stay abroad for more than 1 month due to education or research or coercive reasons, the fellow’ request have to offer his/her request. Fellow request will be evaluated by BİDEB Committee. If there is a stay of more than one month abroad, except for the reasons to be accepted by the BIDEB Committee, scholarship payment will not be made for the periods exceeding one month per year.
  6. Awardee has to pursue his/her research studies full-time in the hosting institution during the scholarship period. If the awardee leaves Turkey for more than five days during the scholarship period, he/she has to obtain TUBITAK’s approval before the departure.  Otherwise, the stipend is stopped during the period of absence. The awardee has the right to use annual leave not more than 30 days.

Reporting Obligations

  1. Awardee is required to send regularly the following documents to TUBİTAK:
    1. Graduate student certificate (twice a year- March and October)
    2. Transcript (twice a year- March and October)
    3. Observation Form (Progress report) signed by advisor of the awardee
  2. The awardees are required to inform TÜBİTAK about the date of graduation and to send an electronic copy of the Master/PhD thesis to TÜBİTAK.
  3. The grant received from TUBITAK must be clearly acknowledged in all publications concerning the research conducted during the scholarship period.

Repayment Obligations

  1. Awardee is required to inform TÜBİTAK about any financial support that he/she receives from an institution in Turkey within 15 days from the received date of the support. If the awardee is supported financially by any institution in Turkey, amount of the stipend is redetermined by BİDEB Steering Committee.
  2. If the fellow wants to leave the graduate program without graduation, the student or his / her advisor must notify the Institution at least 15 days before the deadline. Scholarship will not be paid after the fellow leave for master / doctoral program.