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If the project is accepted for funding, then one or more auditors are assigned to the project for on-site visits to follow up with the proposed activities. The auditor is mostly one of the referees or an academician with minimum a PhD on project subject. Every six months, the project owner prepares a report including all R&D studies conducted in the project and all expenses for which reimbursement is requested. The auditor and TÜBİTAK experts review the report. Eligible expenses are reimbursed with respect to the review.


TÜBİTAK Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Department (TEYDEB)

For project specific or technical questions, please use the contact information of the relevant group.

Scope of Support

The program provides funding for R&D projects aiming to;

  1. develop or upgrade new products
  2. develop new techniques to save the cost and/or increase the quality and standard of a product
  3. develop new production technologies



The project owner company submits the project proposal, after completing the pre-registration and TÜBİTAK’s approval of this pre-registration. Following the preliminary assessment done by TÜBİTAK technical experts, referees are assigned for project evaluation. The referees are academicians with minimum a PhD Degree relevant to the Project subject. These referees are absolutely independent from TÜBİTAK.


Project proposals are evaluated based on the criteria below:

  • Industrial R&D Content, Technology Level, Innovations
  • Eligibility of The Project Plan and The infrastructure(s) of The applicant(s)
  • Potential of the project outcomes with respect to economic gain and national achievements

How to Apply

All SMEs established in Turkey may apply to project calls being opened twice a year through an online application system ( Number of projects that can be supported by the program is limited for each applicant unless otherwise is stated in the project call. Project call announcements can be followed on TÜBİTAK website (


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