2023-2 Call of 1501 Program Has Been Extended

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The current Organization-Based Pre-Registration Application Deadline and Call Closing Date of 2023-2 Call of 1501 Industrial R&D Support Program are presented below.



1501 Programme

Organization-Based Pre-Registration Application Deadline*,**

20/11/2023 (23:59)

Call Closing Date***

22/11/2023 (23:59)


* In order to apply, the organization-based pre-registration application must be submitted to TÜBİTAK. The specified date is the deadline for the submission of the organization-based pre-registration application to TÜBİTAK via PRODİS. Pre-registration documents must reach TÜBİTAK at least one business day before the call closing date. The responsibility belongs to the organization, if pre-registration approval cannot be given due to the deficiency in organization-based pre-registration documents. There is no need to wait for the call opening date for organization-based pre-registration. For this reason, it is recommended that companies planning to apply for the call should carry out organization-based pre-registration procedures without wasting time. Detailed information about organization-based pre-registration can be found in the link below.



** Organizations that have previously received organization-based pre-registration approval will not re-register organization-based and will not send pre-registration documents.

*** It is the deadline to send project proposals via PRODİS. Submission requires organization-based pre-registration approval.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Since project proposals will be sent with e-signature, it is necessary to obtain an e-signature or to check the e-signature validity periods in case of owning an e-signature, and to renew the e-signature if the e-signature period will expire until the call closing date.

Up-to-date call announcements can be accessed via the links below.

2023-2 Call Announcement of 1501 Industry R&D Support Programme


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