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•    I will apply to the 3501 Program. In former applications, there were forms titled “Acceptance and Commitment Statements” (Kabul ve Taahhüt Beyanları) and  “Right Ownership Declaration” (Hak Sahipliği Beyanı) signed by the project team and the authorized officials from the institution / organization where the project team work and sent in hard copy. In new applications, are these forms requested in hard copy?

The Criteria

Project proposals are evaluated under the following five dimensions:

  • Career Development Potential
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Impact

Application Forms

WARNING: Current "Application Form and its Annexes (Annex-1 References, Annex-2 Budget and Justification)" regarding the program to which you are going to apply should be filled and uploaded to the online application system.


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