1512 - Entrepreneurship Support Programme

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TÜBİTAK provides great support for entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to life with BİGG Program.

The 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program aims to support the activities from the idea stage to the market so that entrepreneurs can transform their technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into enterprises with high added value and high potential to create qualified employment. This way, it is aimed to encourage qualified entrepreneurship and to create start-up companies that have international competitive power, can develop innovative, high-tech products and services.

Within the scope of the program, entrepreneurship training is provided to entrepreneurs and technical, commercial and administrative support is provided to entrepreneurs with industry-experienced guides.

As it is explained below, this program consists of three stages, for the transformation of innovative business ideas into commercial products/processes/services. The entrepreneur can complete each stage and continue to the next stage if receiving TUBİTAK’s approval.

a) Stage 1; It is the stage where the entrepreneurs present their business ideas to the implementing organizations, the implementing organizations evaluate these business ideas and provide the entrepreneurs with the accelerator service for the business ideas that would become a successful business plan. At this stage, Implementing Organizations providing entrepreneurs with mentorship, network, training, etc. Implementing Organizations providing support, carry out the technical and commercial verification of the idea in the process of turning the business idea into a business plan. Stage 1 is completed on the deadline of the business plan specified in the entrepreneurship project support call.

In the 1st Phase process to be carried out through 147 Implementing Organizations, applications for business ideas from all over Turkey and from every field of technology, regardless of technology field, will be collected and evaluated by Implementing Organizations, and entrepreneur candidates who will apply for Stage 2 will be determined. Entrepreneur candidates who have a technology-based, innovative, commercializable business idea and meet the criteria in the definition of "entrepreneur" in the Implementation Principles of the Program must apply to the Implementing Organizations listed below.

For Implementing Agencies click here 

b) Stage 2; This is the stage that starts with the evaluation of business plans within the framework of these Implementation Principles. For business plans approved as a result of the evaluation, the entrepreneur is asked to establish a company in accordance with the definition of establishment within a defined time period. After signing a contract between TÜBİTAK and the organization, entrepreneurship project support is provided to the organization as a grant without any guarantee. The conceptual design, technical and economic feasibility, technological development (commercial prototype, demo, simulation, software algorithm, etc.) activities to be carried out by the organization within the framework of the business plan with the support of the entrepreneurship project and the transformation of the outputs obtained as a result of these activities into commercial value are included in Stage 2. TEYDEB can provide business guide support during Stage 2 upon the request of the organization.

c) Stage 3; It is the stage that aims to improve the outputs of the organization in the previous stage in terms of performance and functionality through R&D studies and to increase their commercialization potential. Stage 3 begins with the organization's application to the TÜBİTAK SME R&D Startup Support Program by preparing a project proposal, and the evaluation of the technologically validated project within the framework of criteria specific to this program. At this stage, activities such as detailed design, improvement of the commercial prototype in terms of function and performance, trials and field tests are carried out. Companies established with support within the scope of the 2nd Stage of the TÜBİTAK 1512 Programme, or companies established by public administrations within the scope of the Law on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities No. 5746 by receiving Techno-enterprise Capital Support can apply to TÜBİTAK SME R&D Start Support Program within the scope of Stage 3 in 24 months after the end of support. In the processes of supporting, monitoring and finalizing the projects within the scope of Stage 3, the provisions of the Implementation Principles of the TÜBİTAK SME R&D Initial Support Program are applied.

Stage 3 applications can be made through the online application (Project Evaluation and Monitoring System -PRODİS) at http://eteydeb.tubitak.gov.tr independent of the 1507 Program calls. It is not necessary to wait for the Stage 3 application 1507 Program calls.