The 7th Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council was held in Russia

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The 7th Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC) which brings together the heads of research funding institutions of the entire world was held in the capital city of Moscow, Russia on 14-16 May 2018. At the meeting where Turkey was represented by the President of TUBITAK Prof. Hasan MANDAL, 132 delegates from 53 countries found the opportunity to discuss about common problems and possible solutions at the global level.

Within the scope of the annual meeting, where “Science Diplomacy” and “Peer/Merit Review” were the main agenda items, President Mandal attended to the panels that are relevant to the main agenda items, as well as to the side event “Neighbors in Research” which involved high level representatives from Eurasian countries that try to create effective mechanisms for regional cooperation.

Besides the mentioned events, Prof. Mandal met with the heads of the funding agencies from countries such as Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Indonesia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Iran, Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Oman. At these bilateral talks, Prof. Mandal evaluated the current situation of our relations and possible cooperation opportunities with the heads of the funding agencies.

After the end of the annual meeting, Prof. Mandal visited the Acting Ambassador of Turkey in Moscow, H.E. Cenk Uraz and stressed the importance of the Global Research Council as a platform to make the scientific and technological cooperation activities of TUBITAK and its current level more visible.