President of TÜBİTAK Dr. Hasan Mandal Attended Istanbul Finance Summit

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President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal was a speaker at the 9th Istanbul Finance Summit (IFS 2018) Credit Guarantee Fund Panel. The main theme of the Istanbul Finance Summit, organized annually with the contributions of institutions such as Prime Ministry, CBRT, Undersecretariat of Treasury and CMB together with domestic and foreign banks and financial institutions, was determined as Trade Wars and Financing of Industry.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, who is a speaker at the “I Have a Dream, I Have No Money” Panel of the summit, talked about TÜBİTAK's contribution and support for technology-based entrepreneurs. Starting from the economic difficulties in our country and in the world, he said that every challenge brings with it the opportunity. Thus, Professor Mandal has stated that technology-based entrepreneurship has become important. In this framework, Prof. Mandal gave information about the Individual Young Entrepreneur Program (TÜBİTAK BiGG), which is the Program Techno-initiative Capital Support Program which has been implemented by TUBITAK since 2012. With the program, Prof. Dr. Mandal stated that entrepreneurs are able to turn technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into initiatives that create added value and qualified employment.

In the light of the developments in the world, he mentioned that TUBITAK has renewed its support programs and application model. In the past, he said that TUBITAK has delegated the authority over itself to competent implementing agencies. Explaning entrepreneurs don’t come to TÜBİTAK first and they apply to the implementing organizations where TÜBİTAK accredited (TTOs, TGB’s, executive companies, banks) and the business ideas were transformed into projects by the implementing organizations with the business plan, Prof. Dr. Mandal told that “TÜBİTAK will give 200.000 TL to successful projects as grant support. We will give them 3 months to set up their firms. In the future we will assign business guide to the entrepreneur who wants.” Pointing out the only financial support to entrepreneur is not enough Prof. Mandal mentioned entrepreneurs come accross some difficulties in using the support and emphasized that the importance of mentoring concept. Announcing SME Mentor Support Program will be launced soon Prof. Mandal gave these information: “Our entrepreneurs will develop with mentor. We expect them to use 200 thousand TL support for 18 months and we expect them to come with a second project after 18 months. We support the second project with a grant of up to 500 thousand TL but up to percentage of 75.”

“Some Capabilites Should Be Gained in The Field Not in The Classroom”

Upon a question about contribution of the education that entrepreneur candidates get at university in enreprenurship process, stating that our current human resources is based on knowledge, skill base is not sufficient President of TÜBİTAK told there are difficulties in the system that was started with dreams and curiosity. Pointing out Education-oriented trends in the World are output-based rather than input-based and some capabilites should be gained in the field not in the classroom Prof. Dr. Mandal said: “In the acquisition of qualifications, especially in science and engineering sciences, not all have to be earned in the classroom environment. Starting in the academic year 2018-2019, universities, if they wish, perform one semester of the school year as a workplace application. The graduates of these universities are more successful in the employment process and their self-confidence is improved.”

“Artifical Intelligence is Not a New Technology”

Upon to a question, talking about artifical intelligence, President of TÜBİTAK has stated that artifical intelligence is not a technology itself. Stating that artifical intelligence makes easier life and is a subsidiary technology, Prof. Dr. Mandal told that 60 percent of entrepreneurs supported in the scope of the especially BiGG program is associated with artificial intelligence and this situation is exciting when viewed in terms of competition.