July 15 - We Will Not Forget Our Martyrs and Veterans ...

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On the second anniversary of the treacherous attempt that, as a nation, we were exposed to on the 15th of July 2016 and that was tried to be performed by domestic and foreign collaborators of FETÖ, we curse all actors and supporters of this inhumane attempt. We wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs who have protected the unity, independence and continuation of our nation and state at the expense of their lives, and we present our gratitude and gratefulness to our veterans and heroes.


This attempt has once again shown to the world that our precious nation has the power, determination and intention to protect our state, country, values, the national will, and the unity, independence and continuation of our nation and state at the expense of life. At that night, our nation, under the leadership of our President, responded duly to that attempt which carried much worse goals than a coup attempt.


TÜBİTAK, having the policies and the activities with the aim of being a strong and leading country in every field, especially science and technology, is working hard to carry our country to this goal with the awareness of its responsibilities. As TÜBİTAK, we believe there is nothing that we cannot achieve when we link and unite the nation in every field, especially science and technology. When we focus on projects and works that will raise our country, our country in the field of science, technology, art, literature and so on, as we experienced in the coup attempt of FETÖ, when we come together for this purpose, nothing will be able to prevent it in the future. TÜBİTAK has worked to prepare the environments where science and technology glow for our youth, kids and families and will continue to work with greater enthusiasm than ever before.


We all know the flagship role of TÜBİTAK in the science and technology field. This clearly shows why the treacherous terrorist organization FETÖ has tried to infiltrate our institution. We want to remind you that TÜBİTAK has been at the forefront of the institutions that started fighting with FETÖ at the earliest and most intensively. TÜBİTAK has started its struggle with this treacherous terrorist organization even before the coup attempt. The new TÜBİTAK has been leading the science, technology and innovation community of our country with new projects and works towards the targets of 2023, cleaned from the treacherous elements in-house. We will strengthen the power of our country through science, technology and innovation, so that we will protect the entrustment our martyrs who gave their lives and our veterans who have revealed their lives for this holy nation.


With this opportunity, as TÜBİTAK, we present our gratitude once more to our nation, who wrote a heroic legend on the night of July 15th and converted that dark night to a “Feast of Democracy and National Unity” with his determination, will, and solidarity.


Happy July 15- Democracy and National Unity Day.