Briefing on 1004 Center of Excellence Support Programme - High Technology Platforms Call Organized by TÜBİTAK

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The High Technology Platforms Call under the 1004-Center of Excellence Support Programme was introduced in TÜBİTAK Feza Gürsey Hall. The aim of the call is to generate high technology platforms by which research infrastructures in higher education institutions will be able to transfer developed technologies to private sector by cooperating with private sector R&D centers and public R&D bodies. Advisor to the President of YÖK (Higher Education Council) together with the senior level managers and representatives from Research Universities, Candidate Research Universities and Authorized Research Infrastructures attended the briefing session.

The President of TÜBİTAK, Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, emphasized the importance of 1004 Programme in his opening speech. Addressing the most important difference of 1004 programme as not being focused on capacity building; Prof. Mandal told that “We have an output based and high technology product generation target”.

“We Expect Research Process To Be Managed As a Whole”


The President of TUBİTAK expressed that active participation and contribution of research universities and research infrastructures is expected to be able to look at the research process as a whole and added, “On one hand, we have some programmes in TÜBİTAK which are still going on and providing support for research and aiming to increase the capacity. When we look at 2244 Industry PhD Programme, 1514 Venture Capital Support Programme, BIGG Programme as a whole, 1004 Center of Excellence Programme finds a meaning and a value. It would be diffciult to be successful if we look at 1004 Programme as a solitary independent programme, and if we do not make an interconnection among all of these programmes in terms of their targets and governance.


Prof. Dr. Mandal also pointed out what should be understood by capacity improvement and told that: “What is meant by capacity improvement is to conduct research, however, we expect you to manage the research process as a whole. We expect universities to make use of TTOs in an efficient way and build up an organizational structure.”


“Via 1004 Programme, Qualified Information Should Be Produced and Success Stories Should Be Created”


Prof. Mandal mentioned that TÜBİTAK has two expectations within the scope of 1004 Center of Excellence Programme. One of the expectations is the platform to be constituted high technology output oriented, whearas the other expectation is related to the governance of the platform. Prof. Mandal expressed that; “We expect you to generate some model examples of this governing research rather than conducting research concept. We do not expect the project proposals to resemble each other. Naturally they will be inspired by the other, we do not want to restrain researchers’ autonomous models. We aim at 1004 programme coming to the forefront and resulting in successful models in the future. We should be able to state that we have authorized success stories by the produced qualified knowledge and conducted cooperation and governance models.”


TÜBİTAK Public Research Support Group (KAMAG) Coordinator Mustafa Ay also made a presentation on 1004-Center of Excellence Support Programme High Technology Platforms Call. Mustafa Ay shared detailed information on aim and scope, proposal model, general process, evaluation criteria, budget, intellectual and industrial property rights, monitoring process of the 1004 Center of Excellence Support Programme. Briefing ended with the Questions and Answers session.

Click for the presentation of TÜBİTAK Public Research Support Group (KAMAG) Coordinator, Mustafa Ay.