“COMSATS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme” is Open for Applications!

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A postdoctoral fellowship programme named "COMSATS Post-Doctoral Scholarship" has been announced with the cooperation between COMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South - COMSATS) and BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - BCSIR).


BCSIR is a multidisciplinary publicly funded self-governing national organization in Bangladesh. To promote international academic and research exchange and co-operation with developing countries, BCSIR introduced Postdoctoral Fellowship programme.


A researcher,

  • Works in the fields of "Biomass Chemistry, Natural Products and Solar Cells"  
  • Has a PhD degree on these subjects
  • At least 1 year research experience after completing PhD
  • Younger than 45 years old


will be allowed to conduct co-operative research at BCSIR under the guidance of the senior scientist of BCSIR.

During the scholarship period of 6 month, accommodation and 500 USD stipend will be provided for scholarship holder by BCSIR.

"COMSATS Post-Doctoral Scholarship" programme will be open for applications during the whole year. However, the evaluation process of applications will be finalized twice in a year (July and January).


About the details of the application please contact to secretarybcsir@gmail.com e-mail address.