3501 - Career Development Program (CAREER)

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The purpose of the Career Development Program (3501) is to encourage the studies of scientists with PhD degree, who have just started their careers by providing project support. It is a program aimed at supporting the work of the young researchers who will take the academic leadership of the 21st century, as well as maintaining the careers of the young scientists in the best way as researchers and lecturers, as well as improving our scientific level and increasing the role of science in the development of the country.

The project duration is maximum 36 months.

For 2020, CAREER projects support upper limit (including scholarship, excluding Project Incentive Bonus (PTI) and overhead) is 360.000 TL without annual budget limitation.

The upper limits for scholarships are given below:

Scholarship Upper Limits


If the person is not employed

If the person is employed

Undergraduate Student



Graduate Student


(In case of BİDEB scholarship, 500 TL is added)


Phd Student


(In case of BİDEB scholarship, 1.000 TL is added)


Postdoctoral Researcher

4.500.- TL/month

(In case of BİDEB scholarship, 1.500 TL is added)


The budget requested for machine/equipment should be balanced with the total budget.

Projects aimed at developing infrastructure are not supported.