PRIMA 2021 Calls Open to Applications!

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For detailed information about the calls, you can access the PRIMA official website and TÜBİTAK's PRIMA website.

You can access the Partner Finder Tool to apply for partnership announcements or to take place in consortiums.

In addition, an online Project Writing Training was held on 25-26 January 2021 for researchers who want to present projects within the scope of PRIMA calls. You can access the records of this training from the links below:

Day 1, January 25, 2021:

Day 2, January 26, 2021:

For the training program please click here.

Fort he presentations made in education please click here.

PRIMA Program Calls for 2021

International projects to be supported under the PRIMA Program are divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: Projects Supported by EU Funding

Section 2: Projects Supported by National Funds (without EU contribution)

The projects within the scope of Section 1 will be supported by the fund allocated to PRIMA from the Horizon 2020 Program during the program period. In this context, only online application to PRIMA is sufficient.

Section 1 - Call Topics for the Year 2021

Theme 1: Water Management

Topic 1.1.1 (RIA): Sustainable soil and water management for combating land degradation and desertification and promoting ecosystem restoration.

Theme 2: Agricultural Systems

Topic 1.2.1 (IA): Increasing environmental and socio-economic performance of small scale farming systems through improvements in organizational aspects and new value chain governance models

Theme 3: Agri-Food Value Chain

Topic 1.3.1 (IA): Increase adherence to the mediterranean diet as a sustainable pattern including environmental, social and health aspects

Nexus (Crosscut) Theme:

Topic 1.4.1 (IA): Leveraging knowledge on the Nexus management of Water-EnergyFood-Ecosystems resources in the Mediterranean region: from concepts to practical solutions.

Section 1 Call Schedule:

1st Stage Deadline: 13/04/2021

2nd Stage Deadline: 09/09/2021

Application address:

The projects within the scope of Chapter 2 will be supported only by the funds that the national funding organizations have committed to PRIMA, without the EU contribution. In this context, research teams in the project consortiums are required to apply nationally to their national funding organizations. The Consortium will take place teams from Turkey, TUBITAK will make their application.

Section 2 - Call Topics for the Year 2021

Theme 1: Water Management

Topic 2.1.1 (RIA): Alleviating Mediterranean water scarcity through adaptive water governance

Theme 2: Agricultural Systems

Topic 2.2.1 (RIA): Up-scaling field practices based on agroecological practices to increase ecosystem services and biodiversity, to adapt the small farming systems to climate change and to increase farmers incomes

Theme 3: Agri-Food Value Chain

Topic 2.3.1: Increasing the resilience of small-scale farms to global challenges and COVID-like crisis by using adapted technologies, smart agri-food supply chain and crisis management tools.

Section 2 Call Schedule:

International Application

1st Stage Call Start (PRIMA): 05/03/2021

1st Stage Application Deadline (PRIMA): 21/04/2021

Application address:

National Application

Opening the system for 1st Stage applications: 17/03/2021

1st Stage Deadline: 28/04/2021, 17.00

Deadline for completing the e-signature process: 04/05/2021, 17.00 *

Application address:

National applications are received only with e-signature, applications with wet signed documents are not accepted.

* Applications made in the online system must be completed and approved by 28/04/2021, 17:00 at the latest. The deadline for the applications approved until this date to be signed electronically by the project coordinator and the authority of the institution and the completion of all signatures is 04/05/2021, 17:00.

For the national application rules please click here.

Contact Information

About the PRIMA Program national application process:

Regarding the PRIMA international application process:

Call theme

Contact person

E-mail address

For water-themed calls

Marco Orlando

For agriculture themed calls

Fabrice Dentressangle

For Agro-Food themed calls

Mohamed Wageih