United Kingdom Ambassador to Turkey visited President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Hasan MANDAL

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Sir Dominick Chilcott, The UK Ambassador to Turkey and Cherry Gough, British Council Director of Turkey paid a courtesy visit to Prof. Hasan Mandal.

During the visit, Sir Dominick Chilcott expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation under Katip Çelebi-Newton Fund which was launched in 2014 to strengthen science, technology and cooperation activities between Turkey and the United Kingdom. Prof. Mandal stressed the importance of effective implementation of legal documents and underlined the need for more output oriented and stronger cooperation in line with the high awareness and interest in the scope of the Katip Çelebi-Newton Fund.During the meeting, Prof. Mandal also emphasized the importance of capacity building with regional development and technology transfer, development of human resource capability mainly via PhD fellowship programmes and improvement of research management so as to provide a strong partnership. In this regard, the request of TÜBİTAK to launch new fellowship programmes in cooperation with British Council was welcomed by the delegation.

In addition, both sides reached a consensus on supporting industry oriented collaboration further, as well as academic cooperation. Finally, the UK Ambassador to Turkey expressed their willingnes to improve cooperation between the two countries' higher education institutions and the demands for further development of the Rolls Royce and TÜBITAK partnership. The visit has ended with the declaration of mutual intentions on the further development of bilateral cooperation.