TÜBİTAK Will Focus on National Targets

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President of TÜBİTAK, making the opening speech of the introduction program with the participation of University Rectors, Vice Rectors and University/Technoparks Technology Transfer Office Managers, Prof. Hasan Mandal stated that TÜBİTAK’s basic strategy for 2018 year and beyond is to focus on national targets in the research, technology development and innovation ecosystem and emphasized the need for qualified knowledge and qualified human beings at this point.

Prof. Hasan Mandal stated that they want to shape new support programs according to the proposals coming from the relevant stakeholders of the process (scientists, entrepreneurs, University top management, industry R & D centers managers and technopark Manager companies’ managers) in his speech made in New TÜBİTAK in Science, Technology and Innovation Ecosystem, New Support Programs and Interface Organizations, Innovation Promotion Program in Support Programs organized in TÜBİTAK. President of TÜBİTAK expressed that they have carried out all the studies in Science, Technology and Innovation ecosystem as TÜBİTAK. He stated that they were continuing their work with these goals: "Science Center Turkey", "Technology Base Turkey" and "Advanced Industrial Country Turkey" while also emphasizing that they would continue to work towards developing support mechanisms.

“TÜBİTAK will continue to develop processes”

TÜBİTAK President, Prof. Hasan Mandal, pointed out Turkey's basic problems in R & D and innovation while giving examples of world development trends. At this point, after pointing out that support systems are designed as more input oriented and the output is not measured well enough, Prof. Mandal continued as such: “Support for the transition of high-tech products from prototype to production remains inadequate. There is not enough focus in the support mechanisms. As a result of R & D and innovation activities, commercialization activities remain very weak. When the end user is not in the projects, the product cannot be validated, and the technology-based product cannot find a place in the market. Competence and human resources analysis cannot be done or repeated regularly.”

“Basic strategy: Qualified Knowledge and qualified person focused on national goals”

TÜBİTAK President said that from now on, basic strategy of TÜBİTAK is to focus on national targets in the ecosystem of research, technology development and innovation; at this point, qualified knowledge and qualified people are very important. In this context, recording that some specific improvement areas are identified, Prof. Hasan Mandal said that they will continue to develop support mechanisms. Prof. Hasan Mandal mentioned that it should be given weight to high-tech oriented work and applications to reach higher points in the ranking of Turkey's Global Competitiveness Index and he gave information about new support programs within the scope of decisions taken recently.

Speaking after TÜBİTAK President Prof. Hasan Mandal, ARDEB KAMAG Coordinator Mustafa Ay made a presentation titled “1004 Excellence Centers Support Program Call for High Technology Platforms”. Mustafa Ay stated that with the 1004 program, they aim to create high-tech programs that they can transfer the products and technologies developed to the private sector by collaborating with the research infrastructures in higher education institutions, private sector R & D centers and public R & D units. Vice President of BİDEB, Assoc. Dr. Nurper Güz, making the introduction of 2244 BİDEB Industrial PhD Program said that “The aim of this program is to educate qualified human resources with the doctoral degree required in the industry with the cooperation of industry and university in line with our country's 2023 targets, to encourage the employment of researchers with doctoral degree in the industry and to develop industrial cooperation with the university research infrastructure. It is stated that the State or foundation higher education institutions that provide doctorate education in Turkey with the doctorate program of 2244, research infrastructures that have been qualified within the scope of 6550, companies with R & D centers or design centers within the scope of 5746, and companies that are established in Turkey within the scope of technoparks under Law No. 4691 can take place in this project.

TEYDEB TEMEG Group Coordinator Dr. Alp Eren Yurtseven said that the new TTO support model is two steps; in the target-oriented growth phase instead of the fixed support ratio (60 percent), performance-based (40% - 80%) support ratio is on the agenda in his speech titled “1513 Innovations In Technology Transfer Offices Support Programs”. He stated the following issues: Negotiations and consensus targets with TTOs are indicated and performance should be examined with these targets; Module 3, 4 and 5 focused and measurable performance indicator to promote sustainability target determination/performance follow-up is brought; to reward High Performance TTOs would encourage low performance TTOs to take corrective/remedial measures.

TEYDEB Entreprenuership Support Coordinator Dr. Sinan Tandoğan, stressing the importance of creating an ecosystem, he said that there will be a payment of 65 million TL in 2019 with the increasing budget every year in his speech titled “2018 BIGG First Stage Practitioner Foundation Meeting”. Dr. Tandogan also stated that they aim to bring a certain number of start-ups to the international level every year.

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