TÜBİTAK Starts Humanoid Robot Work

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Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said that it has been started to work on humanoid robot in TÜBİTAK and this robot would be a better robot than ASIMO. Minister Özlü stated that, “TUBITAK initiated a humanoid robot work. We started this with our new president. It will be a better robot than ASIMO. Our goal here is that to accumulate in technology acquisition rather than technology demonstration. There are humanoid robots in many developed countries of the world. These are done with the aim of deepening and spreading both technological demonstration and technological acquisition. We have just started working on it, I will be sending more information later on”.

We want to become a consultant country in Antarctica, instead of observer country

Providing information about the operation carried out for the establishment of a science base in Antarctica, Minister Özlü said “A delegation of 30 went to Antarctica. We did a very successful operation. We ensured more or less the region where Turkey will set up base in Antarctica. During our period, Turkey became a global player. Turkey is playing an active role in solving problems occurring in various regions of the world. There are 29 countries with a say in Antarctica, we call them consultant countries. There are also observer countries. Turkey is one of the 24 observer countries. We want to take the status of a consultant country. The main aim of our efforts is to transfer Turkey to the status of a consultant country. Next year, a base will be set up in Antarctica, where we will have a science base. We will stay at our own base. This is a very nice project and it is being carried out under the auspices of Mr. President. We have been working on this project for two years, and we have achieved very good results”.

“TUBITAK focuses on electronic warfare, guidance and control, Long-Range Navigation missile”

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Özlü referred to the works made by TÜBİTAK in terms of defense industry, “TUBITAK focused on issues such as electronic warfare, guidance and control, long-range navigation missile. We want Turkey to produce its own technology, to support the efforts of developing a technology that has its own IP rights. This is where the work is actually carried out by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry. We mainly support R&D activities. The work we do, the products we produce are in use, that is, actually in use. For example, 96 percent of the munitions we use in the Afrin operation are indigenous, our own design,” he said.

Pointing out that our defense industry made a leap after 2004, Minister Özlü said: “In Turkey, IP and license rights of Turkish Industrialists have paved the way for the development of products owned by us. Therefore, we support this process with TÜBİTAK institutes. KOSGEB support focuses on technology intensive products.” he said.

“We will complete our existing R&D centers to a thousand”

Indicating that currently 906 R&D center the Minister Özlü, said that we will complete the number to a thousand. Özlü pointed out that “Two years ago this number is 249. We have gone from 249 to 906 in the last 2 years, a serious leap in the R&D centers. That's how we did. We have facilitated the conditions for opening the R&D center. So we encouraged our companies to open R&D centers. So there was a serious leap in the last 2 years. We are going to do this because we want our industry to go to high technology. One of the main elements of our program of transition to high technology in industry is R&D centers.” he said. Özlü also pointed out that, two years ago the number of Design Center was 6, but today it is 216.”

“TÜRKSAT 6A will be in space in 2021”

Özlü was mentioned about Turkey's first national satellite TÜRKSAT 6A. He reported that; “Approximately 50 percent of the design and production activities were completed and rest will be completed in 2019-2020.” Minister Özlü said that, “We hope TÜRKSAT 6A will be in space in 2021. The studies are continuing. Turkey wants to benefit more from the opportunities provided by space, and we need to carry out these activities under a regular roof. The Turkish Space Agency will be a space agency, just like the Japanese Space Agency or like the similar ones in Europe. In the new system I hope we will establish the Turkish Space Agency with a decree of the President of the Republic.” Özlü indicating that the only way for Turkey to make a leap is to be a country producing technology continued his words as follows: “Whenever Turkey produces technology and commercialize this technology and convert it into a product and sell it, we think that Turkey's foreign trade deficit or current account deficit will not remain. We believe that Turkey should make a serious opening in technology and industry in order to close the technological gap. We've prepared a program for the last 1.5 years. We call it the National Breakthrough Program in technology and Industry. The short name is ‘MİLAT-2018’. This program has sub-elements ranging from digitalization to focus industries, to transition to high-tech. This is a crucial issue for Turkey. We have developed a systematic approach to realize a technology move that will make Turkey jump. We've done this in the last 1.5 years. We're running this program.”