TUBITAK has accelerated its Reverse Brain Drain Efforts

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Naturejobs Career Expo is held in Boston, USA, in 20 May 2015 with participation of TÜBİTAK. Worldwide known universities, research centers, industrial organizations with R&D activities from various countries with the aim of gathering researchers at different experience levels have also been present at the Expo. 
NatureJobs, known as world’s widest international career portal, announces the available scientific research positions with the Expos held in Europe and USA. This year, TUBITAK has set up a stand at NatureJobs 2015 Career Expo. Participants whom visited TUBITAK stand were informed about latest developments in Turkish Research Area with international and national reintegration funding opportunities by Horizon 2020 European Research Council (ERC) and Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) National Experts and National Contact Points for Turkey. Through one to one meetings and presentations, more than 100 researchers of various nationalities found the chance of getting informed about all these funding opportunities. 
Additionally, TUBITAK has organized one of the 10 workshops held in Expo with the title of “Research Destination Turkey Workshop: Funding Opportunities for Brain Circulation and Research Career Development”. In the workshop, participants were informed about frontier research opportunities of Horizon 2020 ERC Programme that enables researchers to conduct their part time or full time research in Turkey with a significant budget; individual funding opportunities of Horizon 2020 MSCA that enables reintegration of experienced researchers to Turkey and  mobility of researchers from Turkey to the US; collaboration projects funded by bilateral agreements between USA and Turkey; and funds given by TUBITAK Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department (BIDEB). Furthermore, a presentation on incentive and support mechanisms to promote the participation to Horizon 2020 ERC and MSCA programmes created by TUBITAK International Cooperation Department has been delivered.
The Career Expo is planned to be held annually in Boston where leading research centers and universities positioned as MIT and Harvard, and up-to-date information is planned to be shared with researchers at TUBITAK stand every year.
Those who are planning to reintegrate Turkey (or just reintegrated) can contact with destinationturkey@tubitak.gov.tr  in order to get detailed information about funding opportunities and research fellowships. Besides, www.h2020.org.tr website can also be visited for detailed information about MSCA and ERC Programmes.