TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle 2018 Started

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The 14th Alternative Energy Vehicle Races started by The Science and Society Division of TÜBİTAK. 39 teams that passed the technical evaluations on the Gulf Race Track will compete in electromobile category, 8 teams in hydromobile category and 5 teams in the autonomous (driverless) category, which will be organized for the first time this year.

After the technical checks, the first day races are held in the categories of electromobile and hydromobile. In the following day, the competition will be held in "Autonomous vehicle category", to encourage students to work on driver-free vehicle technologies.

The vehicles competing in this category will struggle to complete the 120-meters track without hitting the roadside. As a result of the races, the winner of the autonomic vehicle category will be given 15.000 TL, the second will receive 12.500 TL, and the third will receive 10.000 TL.

The winner team in the categories of electromobile and hydromobile with the least energy consuming and most efficient vehicles will be given 25.000 TL. Besides, the  "Domestic Product Encouragement Award", "The Best Technical Design Award" and "The Best Visual Design Award” will be given up to 15.000 TL. The closing and award ceremony of the competition will take place on Sunday, August 12th.