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The TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aeronautics, Space and Technology Festival, in which TÜBİTAK is a stakeholder, will be organized on 20-23 September 2018 at IGA Istanbul New Airport.

In a 450 m2 booth area, TÜBİTAK will take part in the Festival with the active participation of its institutes and central units through exhibitions, seminar presentations, various activities of Kayseri and Konya Science Centers. The institutes and units of TÜBİTAK that will participate in the Festival are; Informatics And Information Security Research Center–BİLGEM, Marmara Research Center-MAM, Defense Industries Research And Development Institute-SAGE, Space Technologies Research Institute-UZAY, National Metrology Institute-UME, National Observatory-TUG, Turkish Academic Network And Information Centeri-ULAKBİM, Science and Society Department-BİTO, Directorate of Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes-BİDEB, Technology and Innovation Funding Programmes Directorate-TEYDEB.

Also at the TEKNOFEST, TÜBİTAK International Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) Competition -which will be held this year for the third time- will be organized under the fixed and rotary wings categories and with the cooperation of Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3).

The schedule of the events organized by TÜBİTAK in TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL and the general schedule of TEKNOFEST can be reached via the links below.



TEKNOFEST Programme Calendar