The Great Success of Our Students in 59th International Mathematics Olympics

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The young scientists who are educated in our national teams under the Science Olympics Program, which is carried out under the Directorate of Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes (BİDEB), continue to successfully represent our country in international arena.

Nurullah Giray Kuru from Istanbul High School, Halil Alperen Gözeten and Halil Ozkan from Özel Final Anatolian High School, Özgen Safak Karakuş from Final Antalya Science High School, Ömer Topaloğlu from İzmir Science Faculty and Mehmet Ali Yıldırım from Özel Florya Final Anatolian High School attended to the 59th International Mathematical Olympics held in Cluj Napoca, Romania in July, on behalf of our country.

Our country was ranked 24th in the Olympics, where 600 students from 107 countries competed. Nurullah Giray Kuru gold, Mehmet Ali Yıldırım silver, Halil Alperen Gözeten, Halil Özkan, Özgen Şafak Karakuş and Ömer Topaloğlu won bronze medals.