Support to Technology Platforms from TÜBİTAK up to 50 Million Liras

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“The Call for High Technology Platforms” was launched as the first call under the 1004 - Center of Excellence Program of the TÜBİTAK Research Support Programs Department (ARDEB).

The President of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal stated that "Call for High Technology Platforms" was launched for the development of high technology oriented products and processes and he said: "The call, which will be open for proposals until 28th of September, is designed as two phase. In the first phase, the support amount will be 100 thousand liras, each technology cooperation platform that is found successful will be supported with grants up to 50 million liras in the second phase. "

Dr. Hasan Mandal made statements regarding the Call for High Technology Platforms initiated under the TÜBİTAK's Center of Excellence Support Program. Pointing out that TÜBİTAK is the pioneer institute in Turkey in terms of contributing public-university-private sector cooperation, TÜBİTAK President expressed that a new one has been added among the TÜBİTAK’s contributions in the R&D ecosystem of the country. TÜBİTAK President Prof. Mandal said that, TÜBİTAK, which is the greatest supporter of researchers and research infrastructures, aims to accelerate the transfer of technology between the R&D units with the method of university-private sector in areas where the country needs.


"100 Thousand Lira for the first phase, 50 Million Lira for the second phase"


Stating that higher education institutions aim to establish high technology platforms in which research infrastructures, private sector R & D, design centers and public R & D units work together to develop products and technologies and transfer them to private sector Prof. Mandal said: “The call, which has been expected by the relevant stakeholders for long time, is designed in two phases. It is expected that the cooperation network formed at the first phase to prepare a strategic research program, the technology acquisition road map containing the critical steps for the use of the technology to be developed in this framework, and the management model of the cooperation platform. The support amount is determined as 100 thousand liras and the duration of the first phase is planned to be 12 months.”


Prof. Hasan Mandal, in relation to the second phase of the call, said: “"In the second phase, R&D and Innovation projects to be carried out in line with the technology roadmap will be supported. Project-based grant support up to 50 million liras will be provided for each successful high-tech cooperation platform in the second phase. In the second phase, the projects will be supported for 4 years, but at the end of this period, they will be transferred to the platforms for another 4 years. Up to 10 high-tech cooperation platforms will be supported under the call.”


“Projects that will create opportunities in the global competitiveness will have priority"


Underlining that the projects to be supported in the framework of the call must have defined output-oriented objectives and cooperation models to be developed for this purpose, Prof. Mandal emphasized that the projects creating opportunities for the country in the global competitiveness would be funded. Conveying that topics such as artificial intelligence, three-dimensional printers, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotic, embedded, intelligent transport and grid systems, satellite, advanced communication, renewable energy, advanced and intelligent manufacturing, next generation pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies will be priority areas, TÜBİTAK President, expressed that, in this way they want to offer important contributions to national defense and economy. Professor Dr. Hasan Mandal stated that the project proposals should be submitted to TÜBİTAK ARDEB by 28th September 2018 and that "The management of the high technology platforms to be established will be performed by the research universities identified by the Higher Education Council or supported by the Ministry of Development and received proficiency. R & D and Design Centers authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and research infrastructure in other universities will also take place in the High-Technology Platforms. "


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