Science Diplomacy Brings Together TÜBİTAK and Yunus Emre Institute

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Yunus Emre Institute (YEE), which tries to introduce Turkey's scientific, academic and technological potential and capacity to the world as well as to create a scientific and academic interaction base with other countries, launched Turkey Scientific and Academic Cooperation Project (TABİP) under the auspices of the Presidency, besides its public and cultural diplomacy activities. In the first step towards this aim, YEE and TÜBİTAK signed a cooperation protocol to facilitate joint activities.

The two institutions will establish an effective working network in order to increase Turkey's qualified human power, identify and encourage domestic and foreign qualified human power, and carry out joint projects to develop academic and scientific cooperation. The protocol will also enable human resource assignment, technical infrastructure sharing, execution of common scientific projects, mutual information and data transfer, institutional capacity building and similar cooperation within the framework of TABİP and "science diplomacy" activities.

In addition to technical material exchange, within the framework of the protocol, effective cooperation will be established in many subjects such as developing joint activities involving exchange programs of students and lecturers and experts, and organizing academic and scientific activities.

President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Hasan Mandal said that with this protocol, it would be possible to introduce both our funding and R&D activities in our target geographies such as Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Balkans and Latin America. Prof. Mandal said, “In the selection of cooperation fields and joint policies in these geographies, the contribution of YEE's representatives in these countries will be very important for us, as knowing our national sensitivities."