Published R&D Job Vacancies keep increasing on EURAXESS Turkey

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EURAXESS is a network of more than 200 centres located in 36 European countries supported by EU. If you are a mobile researcher, EURAXESS can assist you and your family in every step of your move, starting in your home country and continuing until you have settled in a new one.

EURAXESS Turkey Portal provides information to;

  • Exprienced Turkish researchers who live abroad but would like to come back to Turkey,
  • Exprienced Turkish/Foreign researchers who would like to pursue their studies in Turkey,

considering practical issues; such as visas, work permits, social security, accommodation, language courses, and social and cultural issues as well as funding opportunities, job offers and other topics relating to researcher mobility.

Click here to access to the latest R&D job vacancies that have published on EURAXESS Turkey Portal.

In Figure 1 below, organization of EURAXESS Mobilation of European Researchers Network can be seen:

Figure 1. EURAXESS Network Organization

Figure 2. EURAXESS Turkey Portal Services