Programs Prepared for Special Students Under the Coordination of TUBITAK ULAKBIM Have Been Presented

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Teaching programs for the students that need special education have been prepared by the Ministry of National Education Special Education and Guidance Services General Directorate and TUBITAK Turkish Academic Network and Information Center. Celil Güngör, the General Director of Special Education and Guidance Services, in the introduction meeting of special education programs, thanked people who endeavored in this work by saying that as a result of two years’ work, programs have been prepared for students who need this education. Güngör, who referred to the importance of the implementation of the programs said: “From now on, we should follow the implementation stage of these programs, we should develop our teachers’ education and sensibility in this issue.” Güngör, by expressing that special education teachers are open to novelty argued that he does not think that they will slog on in the implementation of these prepared programs Güngör, who said that these programs will change the dimension and quality of education and teaching in the special education schools mentioned that these schools renewed also the special education materials.

Mirat Satoğlu, Director of TUBITAK ULAKBIM, mentioned also about the importance of providing qualified, appropriate and accessible education service in the field of special education. Satoğlu, who said that they conduct certain works to develop education materials of teaching programs explained also that they take support from academicians for the individual differences and needs within the framework of the program development works.

Teaching Programs Prepared Under the Coordination of TUBITAK ULAKBIM Have Been Presented

In the meeting, under the coordination of TUBITAK ULAKBIM, within the framework of teaching programs development works in which 45 academicians expert in their field and 43 teachers participated, 34 teaching programs in total composed of 2 programs for early childhood (0-36 months) and preschool (37-78 months); 29 programs for students who have medium and heavy mental disability and autism spectrum disorder and 3 programs for the sight-disabled children have been presented. In the programs prepared for early childhood and preschool period, there are the fields of cognitive development, receptive language development, expressive language development, gross motor development, social emotional development and adaptive skills development. The programs prepared for medium and heavy mentally disable and autistic students include mathematics, life science, daily life skills, independent life skills, visual arts and handicraft, music and game, communication and social skills, nutrition, health and security, reading and writing courses. The programs prepared for sight-disabled children contain physical training and sports courses.