Prof. Hasan Mandal, President of TUBITAK, Has Come Together With the Youth at the Istanbul Youth Festival

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The Istanbul Youth Festival, of which the third one is organized this year, has started at the Avrasya Show Center. The event that will be realized between 2-7 May and which is the biggest youth festival of Turkey is expected to host this year more than 1 million young.

Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology; Prof. Hasan Mandal, President of TUBITAK and Salih Tuna Şahin, Vice President of KOSGEB who have moderated one of the sessions organized within the framework of the Festival has come together with the youth. Minister Faruk Özlü, mentioned in his speech that their ministry is working in order to make Turkey a science center, a technological base and a digital industrial country and he added that they concentrate all their activities around these three main axis. Minister Faruk Özlü, who suggested the youth to apply to KOSGEB and TUBITAK, has said: “For 1,5 year, we have prepared the road map of the digital transformation of Turkish industry and this has been a durable work. We have made 6 components of the digital transformation of Turkish industry. Our road map is ready, we will implement it in the upcoming days. Turkey does not only lead an operation in Afrin due to security reasons, we also carry out an operation quietly in Antarctica. We sent a delegation composed of 28 people to Antarctica in April. They made there the groundwork of the science base that Turkey will establish. If god lets, we will organize our third trip to Antarctica next year and Turkey will have a science base there.”

“Establish Your Own Business, Benefit From State Supports”

Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, while suggesting the youth to establish their own business, asked them also to benefit from state supports in this sense. Minister Faruk Özlü, has also given this information about the new scholarship program that will be adopted within the scope of TUBITAK: “In Turkey, we are opening mainly R&D centers within the scope of the private sector. The number of these is approximately one thousand sixty. We are supporting this now by giving a specific amount of the salary of the research personnel that will work in these R&D centers. We are going to prepare PhD programs in these R&D centers. In the upcoming days, we are going to give scholarship to approximately thousand PhD students via TUBITAK and these will focus more on industrial research. We are making an infrastructure that will provide possibility for our industry to produce its own technology. TUBITAK will announce a scholarship program nowadays and this will be mainly industrial PhD. We will start to adopt this industrial PhD program this month.”

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Dr. Faruk Özlü, who stressed the huge importance of youth for Turkey’s future, said “We are very optimistic about your generation, our expectations are very high. If Turkey will leap forward, this will be thanks to you.”

“New TUBITAK Will Be a More Accessible Institution at Each Level”

President of TUBITAK, Prof. Hasan Mandal, referred to the need of qualified information and qualified human resource to be successful by stressing that today information supremacy that is produced aiming cooperation for competition and digitalization are important. Prof. Mandal, while giving information about the projects that have been adopted within the scope of TUBITAK remarked the importance of having ethical values in information production.

“We Will Increase Qualified Information and Qualified Human Resource Capacity”

Prof. Hasan Mandal, who made evaluations about Minister Faruk Özlü’s concept of “New TUBITAK” said: “New TUBITAK will be a more accessible institution at each level. Secondly, we have studies in order to increase qualified information and qualified human resource capacity. We are going to conduct our support programs with a more cooperation focus. We are starting a new program called Industry-PhD program. We will be announcing this program in May for those of you who are working in industry or who are planning to work in the future in industry.”