Olympiad Success of High School Girls

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The 7th European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad was held in Florence, Italy with the participation of 200 students from 50 countries and students representing Turkey in the Olympics won three bronze medals and one honorable mention. The 7th European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, which was first organized in 2012 in the United Kingdom in order to increase the interest of school girls in mathematics, was held in Florence.

Turkey is represented in the international arena by young scientists raised in national teams within the scope of International Science Olympics that is carried out by TUBITAK’s Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department (BIDEB). Within this context, 4 students participated in the 7th European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad. İrem Nur Çevikcan from İzmir-Buca İnci Özer Tırnaklı Science High School, Aybeniz Yağmur Temirtaş from İstanbul Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School and Asude Ebrar Kızıloğlu from İstanbul-Çapa Science High School won bronze medals and İrem Yaşar from İzmir Science High School won honorable mention.

TUBITAK Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department (BIDEB), which organizes International Science Olympics in the fields of computer, biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics provides training to students that are successful in the Olympics. Then, by national team competitive examinations, BIDEB selects the students that are going to represent Turkey in international science olympics.


In the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, that has been organized every year in a different country since 2012, Turkey has been represented with 36 students up to today and in total, 3 gold, 11 silver, 8 bronze medals and 4 honorable mentions were won by these students.