Impact Factor of TÜBİTAK Academic Journals Witnesses a Rapid Increase

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TÜBİTAK supports scientific and technological studies of students, academicians, public and private sector organizations along with its publications that have been bringing scholars’ academic work with science world together for about 40 years. These publications, aiming at the development of research culture and the rapid spread of knowledge to the academic world, consist of 12 scientific peer-reviewed journals from different disciplines. The journals are being scanned by several important indices, including SCI-E and PubMed.

The influence factor of TÜBİTAK academic journals, which have provided researchers with various scientific studies for many years, has increased significantly in recent years. Among these journals, the Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkish Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences, Turkish Journal of Mathematics and Turkish Journal of Chemistry are in the lead. The Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, which has the highest impact factor, ranked between the first %50 in the world among other journals in its field.

Researchers from all over the world can both send articles and benefit from the open access to all jounal volumes at address free of charge. Scientific articles submitted to the journals are evaluated by the editors and the reviewers from the universities studiously. Having started with the Nature Science Journal in 1976 for the first time and increasing the number of journals by adding different disciplines over time, TÜBİTAK today provides a total of 12 peer-reviewed journals to meet researchers’ demand.

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