High-Level Prioritization Group Meeting of the Food Sector

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The High-Level Prioritization Group Meeting of the food sector was held on April 6 at the Headquarters Building of TUBITAK for providing inputs to the identification of sub-technology subjects in which project calls will be opened by TUBITAK.

The High-Level Prioritization Group was composed of high level executives of the sector’s umbrella institutions and nongovernmental organizations, academicians who have concrete studies oriented to the sector, and high level executives of industry regarding a balance between the main research areas of the sector. Furthermore, high level representatives of the related Ministries were present at the meeting.

The food sector has been identified as one of the sectors in which there is a demand for gaining acceleration in R&D and innovation activities through the in the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy (UBTYS) 2011-2016 which was prepared for reaching the targets of the year 2023. The National Food R&D and Innovation Strategy, which was prepared in this framework, was approved in the 23rd meeting of The Supreme Council for Science and Technology (SCST).

Call based target-oriented support mechanisms and support programmes are the focal points of UBTYS 2011-2016. The meeting in the food sector is the second high-level prioritization meeting that is held to provide input to these support mechanisms.






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