First Series of "Destination Turkey" was Held in Boston, US

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"Destination Turkey: European and National Funding Opportunities for Brain Circulation, R&D Cooperation and Research Career" as the first series of workshops was held on 30 November 2010 by TUBITAK within the cooperation of European Commission, National Science Foundation and TURBO at Northeastern University in Boston, USA.

Workshop aims creating awareness on Career Integration Grants (International Reintegration Grants) as well as International Incoming Fellowships of the FP7 Marie Curie Actions and TUBITAK programmes by gathering researchers from all nationalities carrying out any kind of research in the USA. During the event TUBITAK has made a call that Turkish researchers, who have been leading their research in USA, are able to return Turkey thanks to FP7 funds.

Almost 200 Turkish researchers, who are conducting the research and education activities in the major universities of the world like Harvard and MIT, have attended the first series of workshops that TUBITAK has been arranging the preparations for months. This workshop is addressing that further opportunities provided by European Commission funds allocated to R&D activities. By benefiting from EU FP7 Marie-Curie Programme Actions, the researchers in US can return to Turkey and contribute to their country.

While many representatives from significant Turkish universities have underlined the current developing research and development capacities of Turkey; some of the largest Turkish industrial organizations and enterprises have informed the researchers on new R&D opportunities available in their corporations. Furthermore, the researchers who have attended the workshop stated that they have had good impressions about the current level of Turkey’s research potential and the amount of R&D funds allocated to researchers in Turkey.

In this workshop, the researchers who had returned to Turkey via benefiting from these programmes, have also shared their experiences with the participants. They pointed out that the developments on Turkey’s R&D activities have been on the rise in recent years. While they notably have identified that thanks to this organization they are encouraged to carry on their research activities in Turkey, they also set forth TUBITAK has a significant role on that.

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