Declaration on TEYDEB

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Recently, some news are broadcasted about the removal of TUBITAK TEYDEB Programmes 1501, 1507, and 1511. Even though there is not any official announcement made by TUBITAK on the issue, it is understood that those news cause hesitation in our stakeholders. Regarding this, as TUBITAK, we would like to declare that removal of the Support Programmes such as 1501, 1507 and 1511 is out of the question and still, applications are received by TUBITAK to these programmes.

When preparations for the implementation of the program about the new TEYDEB process are completed, all relevant stakeholders will be officially informed by TUBITAK. Our new program, within the framework of our country’s 2023 targets and Development Plan objectives, will have an improved and simplified approach to the existing processes.

We kindly request that such news published from outside sources be disregarded.

Respectfully announced to the public.