An Invitation to Return Home for Researchers in Europe

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Since 2010, the International Cooperation Department of TUBITAK has been organizing a series of workshops titled“Research Destination Turkey: European and National Funding Opportunities for Brain Circulation, R&D Cooperation and Research Career” in the USA. These workshops aimed to create awareness on recent developments in the Turkish Research Area, the national and international research funding mechanisms for reintegration to Turkey, as well as the TÜBİTAK research institutes. More than 1000 people participated in these workshops.

The latest series of these workshops were organized in Berlin, Germany for the first time in Europe on 24 of January 2014 following the Opening Ceremony of the Turkish German Science Year: 2014.

A total of 250 researchers participated in the workshops. Science and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, welcomed the participants with the opening speech and he was very welcomed by the Turkish researchers living in Europe as well.

The President of TÜBİTAK, Prof. Dr. Yücel Altunbaşak, delivered a presentation on the latest developments in the Turkish Research Area. The audience showed their interest to this part by their detailed questions which are very fruitful.  

In the afternoon session, Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Özdemir, the Head of Unit for International Cooperation Department of TÜBİTAK and Dr. Nuh Erdoğan, National Science Fellowships Manager in TÜBİTAK, gave more practical information on the existing reverse brain drain schemes and bilateral cooperation opportunities of Turkey in terms of research.

Moreover, participants took part in the workshops based on their interest for the discussions on Reversing Brain Drain, Bilateral Science Cooperations and Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges.

Research Destination Turkey Workshops were very welcomed by the Turkish researches settled in Europe and TÜBİTAK was invited to organize this event in  other parts of Europe as well.

Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the EU 7th Framework Programme among bpth Member States and Associated Counties for the applications of Reintegration Grants. Since the inviting research environment in Turkey impresses both Turkish and foreign researches, they are settling to Turkey for their future research activities.


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