A Special Book from TUBITAK to the Visually-Handicapped People

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TUBITAK President Prof. Hasan Mandal stated that within the scope of TUBITAK Popular Science Books, Beverly Birch’s book “Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes” was printed in Braille alphabet for the visually-handicapped people. Prof. Hasan Mandal expressed that the book “Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes” is the first book printed by TUBITAK for the visually-handicapped people. TUBITAK President pointed that TUBITAK Popular Science Books contributed to the development of science literacy in our country since the first day of their publication.


"Special Edition in Braille and Large Font”


Prof. Hasan Mandal remarked that with the book "Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes" the goal is to widen the science literacy in Turkey to encompass the visually handicapped people. He said: "Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes is a book that narrates a science teacher’s, Pasteur’s scientific approach and discoveries as a result of his experiments to study a problem caused by decayed sugar beets is also a thrilling adventure." Prof. Mandal stated that in the mentioned book, there is also large font and high-contrast text for the readers that can see partially with favorable lighting and said: "This will be very convenient for the readers. It will also enable parents to read the book together with their visually handicapped children.”