500 Million Liras Support to The Industrial Power Association

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Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, stating that they announced a Call for the TÜBİTAK Industrial Innovation Network Mechanism (SAYEM), which developed to increase the share of high-tech products in exports, “Industrial institutions, R & D centers, SMEs, techno initiatives and universities will combine their power with the mechanism which will be supported total of 500 million liras” he said. Minister of Industry and Technology explained, TUBITAK Industrial Innovation Network Mechanism, which aims to contribute to the development of high-tech products by means of local facilities. Mustafa Varank stated that the Ministry spent serious time to realize the targets set out in the 100-day Action Program and added that by converting R & D and innovation activities into high value-added products, it would contribute to the reduction of the current account deficit.

Domestic and national production is our strategic stance

Minister of Industry and Technology, Varank, emphasized the strategic stances of domestic and national production and said, "We have taken the first step towards the development of high-tech products in our country by means of local opportunities. In this context, we have introduced the TÜBİTAK Industry Innovation Network Mechanism in order to increase the share of high-tech products in exports.”

Pointing out that the mechanism is unique to Turkey, Minister of Industry and Technology Varank noted: "We announced a call of TÜBİTAK SAYEM, which is included in the 100 Day Action Program. This support mechanism that we will launch for the first time is a very attractive program that is unique to Turkey. We mobilize all our possibilities for domestic and national production. In this process, we rely on our strong human resources, knowledge and experience of our industrialists. This practice will be a part of our national technology move and will make a serious contribution to the rise of our country to a higher league.”

Minister Varank expressed that, they are looking for the high-tech class condition in the products which will be developed with the support of TUBITAK SAYEM. Within the scope of the new mechanism, a consortium led by the private sector will be established in the first phase and projects will be evaluated in the second phase, he remarked.

TUBITAK SAYEM Applications Will Be Made in Two Separate Stages

The application process of TÜBİTAK SAYEM, which will enable the development of a high value-added product or product group, will be carried out in two separate stages. In the first stage of the application process, a consortium will be established, organizations will inform the TÜBİTAK Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) about the product or product group they are planning and they will make interviews and prepare applications according to the scope of the call. In the second stage, pre – registration application will be made between 1-30 November 2018. Detailed information about the call is available at https://www.tubitak.gov.tr/en/duyuru/sanayi-yenilik-ag-mekanizmasi-sayem-1-faz-cagrisi-acildi

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