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Supported projects are evaluated only electronically via the online application (Project Evaluation and Monitoring System -PRODİS) at

They carry out the evaluation of the audience, who are assigned to monitor and evaluate the project, by reviewing the monitoring report and guide within the framework of the project proposal information and support decision letter and visiting the company on site, and submitting the report to our Agency in accordance with the guide in the electronic environment on PRODIS.


The projects are reported to TÜBİTAK after they are evaluated and evaluated by referees who are experts in their subjects. Based on the evaluation reports, the projects are evaluated by the relevant technology group executive committee and the final decision is made.



Project proposals are evaluated according to the following three dimensions:

I. Dimension: Industrial R&D Content, Technology Level, Innovative Aspect

II. Dimension: Eligibility of Project Plan and Enterprise Infrastructure for the Project

III. Dimension: The Turnover of Project Outputs to Economic Benefit and National Benefit


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