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SAYEM- Industrial Innovation Networks

With this mechanism, private sector firms, especially those that contain an R&D and product design centre, will form a network with other firms that take place in the value chain of the targeted technology-based product together with end-users, technology development zones and universities. As a whole, the network will have the opportunity to take centre stage in the innovation system for co-creating high value-added products and technologies for the market. 

The networks will be established in two phases:

Frequently Asked Questions

When to apply?

Applications can be made to calls to be opened twice a year, starting from January 2020.

What are the differences from the 1507 Support Program?

The project budget, which is limited to 600 thousand TL in 1507, is unlimited in 1501. While the project duration in 1507 can be the longest 18 months, this period is 36 months in 1501.

Who can apply?

Only SME’s in TURKEY can apply.

How to apply?


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