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1512 - Entrepreneurship Multi-phase Programme


The aim of the 1512 coded Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Program is to support entrepreneurs, to create technology-based startups with R&D capacity for providing innovative products and services to domestic and international markets. The program is a call based program.


Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Program consists of 4 phases:

1005 - National New Ideas and Products R&D Funding Program

General Information about the Program
  • The Purpose of the Program,
    • In this program, frequently imported devices and materials are intended to be developed nationally, without violating the patent rules. Thus, the new ones will be produced. Within the context of the program, the projects, which aim to create new features and new products by making additions to frequently used technological products, will be granted.
  • Project Duration

3001 - Starting R&D Projects Funding Program

General Information about the Program
  • The Purpose of the Program,
    • The purpose of the program is to support the projects proposed by researchers who are from university, government institution and private R&D firms and do not participate in a project as a principal investigator granted by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) ARDEB (Research Support Programs Directorate).
  • Project Duration

Monitoring Procedure

Successful applicants must send the original copy of following documents in order to be able to use their fellowships.

1 - Application form (must be filled electronically)

2 - Copy of birth certificate or passport (pages of personal information)

3 - Curriculum vitae for the applicant (Template can be downloaded from the program web site)

4 - Curriculum vitae and list of publications for the scientist in charge

5 - Research proposal (Template can be downloaded from the program web site)

Evaluation Procedure

The proposal will be evaluated according to the following 4 evaluation criteria:

1.  Research potential of the fellow

2. Scientific and technological quality of the research proposal

3.  Impact of the proposed fellowship to the applicant’s training and career development to the hosting institution and to Turkey

4.  Implementation of the proposed research


All applications must be submitted electronically via TÜBİTAK scholarship application portal, which can be reached at All accompanying required documents must also be uploaded electronically. In order to complete application process, applicants must approve their applications until 17.30 p.m. on the application deadline.

Applications not fulfilling any eligibility criteria, lacking any of the required documents will not be processed.


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