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The TTOs, TDZs and RIs supported within the scope of the program submit their term reports (technical and financial periodical reports) to the TÜBİTAK. Technical reports are reviewed by the observer delegation and the financial reports are certified by Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant and reviewed by financial unit.


Pre-payment will be made to TTOs, TDZs and RIs up to 20% of their total commitment amount to the Fund in order to meet their cash requirement. As guarantee, a letter of guarantee issued by banks and financial institutions should be brought up to 25% more than the prepayment requested.


In the panel evaluations, joint applications submitted by TTO, TDZ and RI (projects) and applicants are evaluated based on the 3 main dimensions provided below:

Important Considerations

Legal Structure of Funds

Within the scope of the program the legal structure of the Venture Capital Funds may be any of the following:

• Venture Capital Investment Funds or Venture Capital Investment Company subject to the legislation of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey

Scope of Grant

Grant Amount

The amount of grant support that TÜBİTAK can allocate to each institution within the scope of the call minimum 2 Million TL, maximum 20 Million TL.

Scope and Rate of Support


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