SAYEM- Industrial Innovation Networks

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With this mechanism, private sector firms, especially those that contain an R&D and product design centre, will form a network with other firms that take place in the value chain of the targeted technology-based product together with end-users, technology development zones and universities. As a whole, the network will have the opportunity to take centre stage in the innovation system for co-creating high value-added products and technologies for the market. 

The networks will be established in two phases:

 In the first phase, the support grant will be directed to establishing models of cooperation and networks based on a “product/ commercialization roadmap” that includes a business model.

In the second phase, the support grant will be provided to implementing the R&D and innovation activities that take place in the product/ commercialization roadmap based on the strategic milestones that have been put forth by the actors who are involved in the network for co-creating high value-added products. The targeted Technology Readiness Level should be between TRL 5 or 6 and 9, thereby targeting technological innovation that is closer to the market.

Briefly, the aim of SAYEM is as follows;

  • High technology product/product groups that will be developed through the road map will be identified.
  • The product road map will be created after the management model and the risk analysis are done.
  • The content of the projects and their location in the road map will be planned.
  • The sustainability of the  growing consortium will be planned
  • Intellectual property rights will be determined


SAYEM Presentation