1702-Patent Based Technology Transfer Support Call

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1702-Patent Based Technology Transfer Support Call

The program aims the transfer and commercialization of patented technologies which are developed by higher education councils, research infrastructures, public enterprises, public research centers and institutes and early stage technology companies, as a result of scientific R&D and innovation activities to the capital companies located in Turkey by licensing or assignment methods.

Total budget of the Project is maximum 2 M TL (Two Million Turkish Liras).

Maximum project duration is 60 months. Minimum project duration is 24 months.

For the patents subject to the license or assignment, it can be applied for the Project with the certificate of registration or it can be applied with the search report if not registered yet. Search report is not necessary for the application if it is not received yet. License or assignment fees of the patents that submitted with the search reports will be supported after the patent is registered during support period. Patents subject to the project should have at least a 10-years protection time period. 

All information related to the Patent Based Technology Transfer Support Call is detailed in the call document.