Scope of Support

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The BiGG + Mentor Interface Call was opened with the aim of supporting activities for the establishment and implementation of mentoring mechanisms to increase business development and innovation capacities of SMEs.

The aim of this call is to increase the competitive power of domestic and foreign markets by introducing innovative products of SMEs benefiting from TÜBİTAK R&D and innovation supports with a qualified mentoring mechanism. SMEs receiving mentoring services are expected to improve in the following areas:
*Increase in turnover
*Increase in current market share
*Entry into new markets
*Overseas sales or increase in current overseas sales.

Mentoring service is expected to have two effects on SMEs:
*Increase in the level of commercial maturity
*Increased R&D and innovation capacity

Project Budget: The project budget upper limit is 750.000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand) TL.
Support Type and Rate: 100% grant support will be provided.

Supported Expense Items:

1. Personnel expenses
2. Service purchases
3. General expenses