Who Can Apply

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Having the capital company status, participating in Venture Capital Funds, committed to participate in;

• Technology Transfer Offices (TTO): In order to contribute to university-industry cooperation within the relevant higher education institution and to transform the knowledge produced in the university into economic value; Companies operating under higher education institutions or joint ventures with university-industry cooperation among their activities or companies operating under the Regulation on Technology Transfer Office of Higher Education Institutions.

• Technology Development Zones (TDZ): According to the Law No. 4691, using high / advanced technology or new technologies for companies, a particular university or high technology institute or R&D center or institute by taking advantage of the technology or software to produce / develop a technological invention, a commercial product in or near the same university, high-tech institute or R&D center or institute area where they operate to transform into a method or service and thus contribute to the development of the region; the company with the integration of the academic, economic and social structure, or the capital company, which is responsible for the management and operation of the technopark or technocity with these characteristics.

• Qualified Research Infrastructures: Established under the Law no. 6550 and awarded by the Research Infrastructures Board as a legal entity; Advanced research laboratory where R&D activities are performed and units classified as central research laboratory.

TTO, TDZ and RIs that are planning to participate in the same Fund can apply to TÜBİTAK with the joint project application that is prepared in cooperation.